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You will now be asked to confirm if you really want to go ahead with the merge. Answer Yes then Merge Accounts if asked, and your accounts will be merged. Select the bank account you do not want to keep, and click Edit at bottom left. In the Merge Accounts dialog box, select the account that you want to merge with.

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multiple streams of income the parent account to which it is connected if it is. This section is only for QuickBooks Desktop users. When a customer is created in QuickBooks Desktop, a contact is automatically created in QuickBooks and Method.

Change all references of the other vendors to the one you want to keep.

If it is, note the parent account it’s tied to. It is important to note that you cannot undo a merge once it has been completed. Once done, you can click on the Save & Close button and hit the Yes option to confirm your applied actions for merging accounts. Please be aware that when two accounts are merged, all transactions are merged into one account. This is how you can integrate these accounts.

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Your best bet is to Delete them and then QBs will allow you to Delete that Acct. You may want to compare the transactions as your deleting them just to make sure you’ve got them all. But when you Reconcile you’ll catch any missing entries too, so comparing is just belts and suspenders I guess. Change the duplicate account’s info to exactly matches the account you want to keep and clickSave. Glad to see you here in the Community, ellen. I can help you combine two credit cards under one account.

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If what you’re reporting is true, then QB isn’t behaving the way it normally does. Before jumping to that conclusion, check your premise that they are exactly the same name. Copy the names separately to a plain text editor on 2 different lines and compare them carefully.

  • Find the duplicate account you don’t want to keep.
  • This includes any bills, purchase orders, and payments that have been made between the two vendors.
  • You require deleting the customer statement if you extend to merge customers.
  • It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

Next, edit this account and make the spelling of the name be the exact as the one you are keeping. First, create a backup for your company file. Attempt a transaction, and then review and reconcile the accounts. Before deleting the customer’s account for merging, it is also important that you delete the statements of that customer first.

You will now need to reprocess the payment that you deleted earlier when you have finished integrating the two customers. If prompted, choose Yes if you want to consolidate the two profiles. You choose and open the customer profile you want to delete. The Is sub-account checkbox should be ticked, so make sure it is. If it is related to a parent account, take note of that.

The restrictions on merging accounts apply, so the accounts you merge must all be of the same type, ie, Accounts Receivable. If the transactions are spread across 2 GL accounts, you’re not really reconciling 1 account though. Merging the 2 accounts is the best solution because that reflects reality. You should only reconcile after you’ve successfully merged the accounts.

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In case one of the accounts is a sub-account, you need to uncheck the checkbox for “Is Sub-Account”. Outsourcing your bookkeeping is more affordable than you would think. We save you money the moment you hire us by cutting out the expensive cost of hiring an in-house CFO. Information in this article applies to QuickBooks 2013.

Next, access the remaining vendor accounts that you want to merge into the main account. Finally, copy all the vendor information, including contact information, payment information, and past transactions, into the main account. After you have completed this process, you will have successfully merged all accounts into the vendor account that you want to keep. Our team will give your business the right support that it needs to eliminate errors, ensure success and save some serious money.

Neither account involved in the merge can be mapped to a 1099 category. The display name should be changed to reflect the provider you are merging with. The supplier you don’t wish to keep can be found and opened. To mark it, select Include Inactive from the Settings menu. You must double-click the account and then the deposit to delete a specific payment.

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In order to delete a specific payment, you must first double-click the account and then the deposit. Take note of the account’s Account Type, Name, and Detail Type. ‘From Entity’ will be deleted from Method. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, then the From Entity will also be deleted from QuickBooks Desktop. Contacts must belong to the same customer, or vendor. Change the Main Contact for a customer or a vendor if they have more than one contact.

Don’t worry, Get a comprehensive list of reasons, why you should upgrade to the QuickBooks 2022 version. Search for “Name” in the search box in order to find your account. Choose Edit and enter the name of the vendor that you want to merge it with. Now locate the vendor that requires merging and right-click it.

Maintaining orderly lists helps you do your bookkeeping more quickly and efficiently. When you merge vendors, all transactions from the merged vendor will be combined with the primary vendor. The merged vendor will then be removed from the Vendor Center, and all transactions will reflect under the primary vendor.

Users can merge two bank accounts in QuickBooks for several reasons. With this feature, an increase in convenience can be experienced. Through this blog, you may now be able to perform the process to combine these accounts in QB, QBDT, and QBO. While you do so, ensure that the numerous points and tips shared are well utilized by you. Once you’ve done that, QuickBooks will combine the data from both accounts and delete the duplicate account. While this process is relatively simple, it’s important to note that you cannot undo a merge once it has been completed.

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Merging two bank accounts in QuickBooks has always been tricky, especially the account that is reconciled. If accidentally, you enter a bank account twice, then you need to carefully merge both the accounts because the account you merge might be deleted. If you want to merge two bank accounts in QuickBooks then it is an unchangeable process.

With this, you will have finished the process to merge bank accounts in QuickBooks Online. Transaction Pro offers data mobility tools and services for small businesses and accounting professionals. We offer Importer, Exporter, and Deleter utilities for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, and Premium Support Services. Our customers save hours of time each day.

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In this module we will provide all the related information important for accounts merger. Merging of accounts in QuickBooks is an irreversible process so it is very important that this is the process that fits best for your requirements. In the process of merging only two accounts can be merged at a time, and both accounts have to be the same type of account. Ensure that the merging process cannot be undone if once done. When you have two accounts from a similar bank and want to merge them into one account then below mentioned is the list of steps you must follow. You should back up your company file before heading to merge the bank accounts.